Hybrid Meeting Services

We are event professionals who understand your hybrid meeting and marketing needs. We manage every aspect of your hybrid event from conception to event execution. Below are ways we can make your next event a success:

Creative Marketing Support

We will find new ways to increase attendance, develop new channels for exhibitors and sponsors and reduce costs. Here are some of the services we can provide:

  • Strategic Traditional and Digital Marketing Planning & Support, including social media strategy and email marketing
  • Marketing Timeline pre, during, and post event
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Creative Asset Development
  • Media Coordination (PR)

Production Assistance

Our seasoned team of planners goes the extra mile to ensure your next event looks professional and is free of technical challenges. We stand by our network of preferred vendors. Services we support are:

  • Platform Integration
  • Remote A/V Production Team
  • Pre-Recording and Editing of Speakers and Sessions
  • Studio Experience for Speakers
  • Session Management / Facilitating LIVE Q&A and Prep

Logistical Support

Our team of event managers are experts at managing the logistics of your hybrid event, creating a flawless experience. A few of the services we offer are:

  • Budget Management
  • Speaker Management
  • Breakout Coordination
  • Exhibit and Sponsor Support
  • Pre- and Post-Meeting Communication
  • Event & Experience Design: Interviews & Performances