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Proprietors of Pittsburgh with Darin Vilano

In this episode, I take a look at a beautiful local venue from a unique vantage point. My guest, Jill Garcia, owner of The Hutton Group, gives me a tour of the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in downtown Pittsburgh. This is just one example of the many event spaces that she utilizes in and around the city for her business meeting and event planning company. Jill also travels throughout the United States and abroad, as she creates and executes corporate events that are customized for her many business clients.

In our conversation, Jill talks about what it was like to purchase The Hutton Group just before the pandemic. She describes what is required to be successful in this highly competitive space. Although the hospitality and event planning industries are often viewed as glamorous and exciting, this episode gives us a behind-the-scenes look into the long hours and intense demands that often come along with the territory. Jill also shares a fun story of getting to meet one of her favorite celebrities early in her career.